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La Sociedad de la Nieve

La Sociedad de la Nieve

End titles created for the J.A Bayona´s last film "La Sociedad de la Nieve". This piece is the result of an exhaustive search for photographic material of the survivors of the plane crash that occurred in the Andes on October 13, 1972, where a Rugby team was traveling from Montevideo to Santiago de Chile for a friendly match against the local team. During the process of creating the credits, relatives, newspapers, and friends of the survivors were contacted, finding incredible photographic material, much of it unpublished and unknown until now.

-Direction & Animation: Fernando Domínguez Cózar

-Music:Michael Giacchino

-Production team:

 Pablo Vierci

 Maria Jimenez Cimarrón

 Soledad Martínez

 Mariano Rodrigo

-Photographs provided by:

 César Charlone

 Guillermo Scott Antonio “Tintin” Vizintin

 Diario El País Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya

⁠ Ezequiel Bolumburu

 Daniel Turcatti

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