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The lord of the rings:

Rings of Power

Lord of the rings:

Rings Of Power

As a huge fan of "The lord of the Rings" saga it has been like a dream come true to collaborate with Plains of Yonder in the creation of these credits. My main task in this project was to bring to life the original concept developed by POY and Anthony Vitagliano.

The use of cymatic symbols to represent themes and stories in the show, "...Some are hidden in plain sight and others are much more subtle. Successive episodes reveal more meaning to the symbology..."

For that purpose, we created a multi-disciplinary team of incredibly talented artists from around the world, to create the perfect synergy between live action and animation.

I am especially grateful to the Nexus Studios team and makmac for their incredible work and dedication.


Lead Design Studio: PLAINS OF YONDER
Directors: Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore
Creative Director: Anthony Vitagliano
Art Directors: Katrina Crawford & Anthony Vitagliano
Editor: Mark Bashore
Producers: Jennifer Senkler, Jon Derovan

Animation and Visual Effects Studio: NEXUS STUDIOS
Animation Director: Fernando Domínguez Cózar
Executive Producers: Laura Breaden, Colin Davis
Producer: Nicole López Naguil, Josephine Gallagher
Production Manager: Edith Chappey
VFX Supervisor: Germán Díez
Houdini Artist: Nico Domerego
Compositor: Alexandre Gaudiano
Compositor: Chiara Feriani
Compositor: Victori Jalabert
Compositor: Stéphane Lugiery
Animator: Dylan White
VFX Editor: Mark van Heusden

Digital Studio: MAKMAC
Art Director:, Lead 3D Artist: Mauro Gimferrer
3D Artist: Marcos Coral
3D Artist: J.A Duran

Live Action: 37 FILMS
Shot at 37 Studio, Madrid
1st Assistant Director: Alex Pozuelo
Executive Producer: Héctor Bobo
Producer: Pilar de Andrés
Head of Production: Josué Corral
Executive Coordinator: Lucía Gonzalez
Production Manager: Alvaro Regalado
Production Coordinator: Belén Zauer
Runner: Ismael Vera
Runner: Antonio Gómez
VFX Assistant: Lucía Colom
DOP: Pablo Vallejo
Phantom Operator: Carlos Alvarez
Bolt Operator: Nicolás Alsina
Bolt Operator: Marc Debon
DIT: Vico Martín
DIT: Carlo Rho
Making of Operator: Carlos García Vidal
Gaffer: Javier Villareal
Spark / Studio Assistant: Robinson Berrio
Art Technical Advisor: Victor del Hoyo
Sand Artist: Jimena Aragoneses
On set Editor: Diego Falcone
Additional Visual Effects: THE KEY VFX
VFX Production Coordinator: Blanca Escudero
VFX Production Coordinator: Silvia Cerrada Jiménez

Calligrapher: Daniel Reeve
Composer: Howard Shore

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