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Art Director

Fernando Domínguez Cózar is a creative director, title designer, and musician based in Valencia, Spain.

Since graduating from university in 2005, Fernando has pursued a career as a title designer and art director. At Prologue in LA he contributed to the opening title sequences of Spiderman 3 and The Reaping. In 2007 he co-founded studio Dvein where for seven years he directed title sequences, TV commercials, music videos, and experimental works. During this period he co-directed the music video for the song “Magma” by The Vein.

He has also created the opening titles for the films "Muse" (2018),  Eva (2011), which won top honours in the Titles & Openers category at the 2012 Australian Animation and Effects Awards Festival, and Toro (2016).

Phone: 0034 689 627 565

For commercial inquiries :

Judy Hill



IED Awards 2018): Best music video ( Muse Main titles)

One Screen (2015): Best Music Video - The Vein / Magma
AICP Awards (2014): Design - The Vein / Magma
Premios Laus (2014): Grand Laus de Audiovisuales - The Vein / Magma
Medalla de San Carlos de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (2013)
Ibiza Music Video Festival (2013): Best VFX & Best SFX - The Vein / Magma
Australian Effects & Animation Festival (2013): Best Music Video - The Vein / Magma
Australian Effects & Animation Festival (2012): Best Title/Opener - Eva
Festival Ciclope (2012): Plata en Animación 3D - Eva
Premios de la Asociación Española de Publicidad (2012): Mejores Efectos Visuales - Odisea 2012 'Camaleon'
Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Disseny (2011)
Premio Gràffica (2011)
PromaxBDA Latin America Awards (2011): Oro en General Entertainment: Open/Titles y Plata en TV: Promotional Animation - Hecho en Syfy
Premios Laus (2010): Laus de Oro y Gran Laus de Audiovisuales - Xcèntric 'Del éxtasis al arrebato' // Laus de Oro de Audiovisuales - F5 Titles // Laus de Plata de Audiovisuales - Canal+ Idents
PromaxBDA Latin America Awards (2010): Bronce en TV: Program Opener - Hecho en Syfy

BDA World Gold Awards (2009): Plata en Art direction & Design - National Geographic 'Think Again'

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