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Odisea is an Spanish and Portuguese documentary channel. The aim was to take advantage of the semantic richness that “documentary” implies: adventure, experiment, discovery…
It was a whole bunch of concepts that we wanted to make visible, and we came to the idea of joining them in only one element, a periscope.


The periscope, because of its design, it’s at the same time technological and antique, reminding us of the history of documentaries. Half machine, half character, it symbolizes a very important feature: it’s an observer, the alter ego of the audience, who searches around a common scenario to find other realities that usually go unnoticed.

Direction & Art Direction:Fernando Domínguez Cózar, Co-directed with dvein
Client: Chello Multicanal
Creative director: Ramón Verdet
Production Co.: 8 de Agosto
Live Action Crew:
D.O.P.: Dani Robles
SFX: Oriol Tarrida at NASA FX
Post-production & VFX: Vando Production
Producer: Ignasi Céspedes
Texturing: Javier Leon
Character Setup: Hugo Garcia
Character Animator: Hugo Garcia
Lighting and Rendering: Javier Leon, Kepa Casado
Tracking: Kepa Casado
Compositing: Lluïsa Cuchillo
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

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